10 Questions To Ask Before You Book A DJ For Any Event

DJStill wondering about how your DJ would turn out to be? Are you tensed about hiring a DJ for your event just because you have not heard them play? Well, not to worry anymore! You need to just ask some simple questions and you will be completely sorted and worry-free for your event. Go ahead, clear your doubt and let the music flow!!




1. Availability: Are you available on the day of the event? This is, of course, the most crucial and important question. Sometimes DJs work under a company and if you go to the company you might want to ask to meet the DJ they are planning to assign to your event before signing the contract. Another important question to ask along with this is the DJ performs more than one event a day. If you have an event in the evening you might reconsider if the DJ has had a morning event on the same day as he might be slightly tired and you need nothing but the best.

2. Prior Experience: How many years have you worked in this field? All these questions fall under the experience category. Other than the general work experience of the DJ you might even want to ask if he/she has performed at such events before? Weddings, corporate parties, private parties all have a different style and a different crowd and the music might be very different therefore it is essential to have someone who has not only had DJ experience but has also worked under similar events and situations like yours. You might also discuss the possible playlist songs and know if they can do a blend for you. Here you can ask them to give you contacts to cross-check their references from previous gigs.

3. Fees: What fees do you charge? Here you have to discuss the rates, the inclusion and the exclusion in the service package. Will they be bringing their own equipment and handle the setup at the venue? Is that included in the fees and if not how much are the extra fees. What is the payment deposit that they expect you to pay and the deadline for paying the said deposit in order to book them? A very important matter on discussion is the refund or cancellation policy they have. All these money matters need to be crystal clear so that there may not be any sparks flying later, and these are not good, romantic kind of sparks that I am talking about.

4. Song Requests and Crowd Control: Do you take song requests? You can ask them here about their playlist and how usually do they update it. If they are comfortable with new and old songs and the kind of music you like them to play. You can also discuss what kind of songs you do not want them to play and ask them if they take requests from your guests if anyone desires to make one. You may also ask them how they control the crowd, in the sense of pumping them up to dance to their tunes.

5. Additional Services: Do you provide any additional services? You can ask the DJ if they provide services like anchoring along with their DJ-ing skills. You can find out their rates and see if it works out according to your available budget. Here again, you may ask them how much experience do they have on their additional skills and ask for references. You may even ask for previous videos of their performance to get a general idea. Now That You Know The Basics, Here Are Our Top DJ Recommendations For You: 1. Pankaj Chauhan- Delhi 2. Tuhin Mehta- Chennai 3. Zak Zaheen- Hyderabad 4. DJ Yog- Mumbai 5. DJ Mohit- Hyderabad

6. Crisis Control: Do you have back up equipment in case of malfunctions? Ask them if they have any arrangements for immediate backup equipment in case there are some technical difficulties. Do they have a backup DJ in case the main DJ falls sick? What is the policy for sick day leave in case of an event?

7. What are they planning to wear to your event? If you have a dress code for your party or event it is important that everyone, and by that I mean, everyone looks the part especially the people you hired to entertain. They need to present a professional look and you can discuss their dress code options prior to the event.

8. Do they need breaks during their performance? Usually, you will be charged on hour basis so you need to be asking the right questions on how many breaks they will take and when exactly will they take the break. How long will the break be? Here you may also ask them the setup and pack up time because you will need to clear out you hired venue in time and delays will create a mess.

9. Do they need a meal at your event? If it’s a lunch or a dinner event, will they be eating at your event? You may also ask them what are their eating preferences and when is it possible for them to take a break for their meal. 10. Do they have any questions for you? This is a no-brainer but still very important. Be comfortable with them and share your contact details with them in case they need to reach out to you.

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