15 Funniest Indians On YouTube You Must Subscribe To

YouTubeComedy has been revolutionized thanks to youtube. It is a haven for all college students and the youth who suffer on a daily basis and need a go-to in order to forget their daily troubles. Where in the past a lot of topics were considered taboo for comedy the new generation of comedians and audience alike is open to all sort of comedy and roasts alike and has a very good sense of humor. In this hour of need come in the YouTube comedians who not only are a hit on youtube but also perform in sold-out shows all over India. The Top 15 Funniest Indians On YouTube You Must Subscribe To Include The Following Names

1. Biswa Kalyan Rath
I am very biased when it comes to Biswa Kalyan and for this reason, I have to put him as number one. He is an introvert comedian who observes all the quirks and qualities of the people around him, his favorite being bachelors, other introverts and extroverts. His comedic timing is on spot and he is a must-watch for anyone who loves a good stand up. He is sometimes criticized for cracking jokes on his audience but if you can hold his humor you will love him for it. He is a simple guy who learned English late in life but has still made his way to the top of the ladder and is hands down one of the most sought after comedian out there.

2. Kenny Sebastian
This Malu comedian has reached international heights with his comedy and collaborations promoting various brands. His comedy including Chai Time With Kenny and other jokes usually on Indian lifestyle and Indian parents are to die for. He is a charming face with a beautiful personality and a comedian to top it off it is simply too hard to resist his perfectly relatable jokes.

3. Jagdish Chaturvedi
He performed his first comedic full house solo in Bangalore about a year ago called Laughter Therapy but he has done many shows previously for both co-operate and private events and will leave you with fits of laughter. His clean comedy brings family audience for a fun-filled night and leaves you thoroughly entertained. His videos have crossed over millions of views in less than two months.

4. Manish Tyagi
He needs no introduction in the world of comedy. He has performed at several renowned Comedy Clubs and has outdone himself even at this age. Formerly a commander in the navy he is now a stand-up comedian. His intelligent comedy will touch both your heart and your brain!

5. Kanan Gill
Now having done his debut against Sonakshi Sinha in Bollywood, Kanan first started his journey through Comedy in both solo as well as collaborations with Biswa on Pretentious Movie Reviews which are absolutely a must-watch. They will leave you questioning the sanity of the Bollywood cinema and fill you up with fits of laughter.

6. All India Bakchod.
You honestly didn’t think I would make this list and leave these masterminds out, did you? They are very well known and have hosted infamous hilarious roasts with Ranveer and Ranbir to raise charity. They have worked with many Bollywood celebrities and have earned a big name and rightly so.

7. Natkhat Shady
Is a comedian from Raipur who specializes in comedy from daily life events. He strikes a chord with his audience and leaves them with laughter with his peculiar comedy style.

8. Mahesh Dalvi
He is a comedian and anchor from Mumbai who has performed for various corporate events as well as parties and wedding functions. His mimicry will leave you stunned and his comedy magic will be thoroughly entertaining.

9. Azeem Banatwalla
He is a comedian from the famous East India Company. Previously an engineer he is also a travel writer and a comedian who has been in stand-up comedy since 2011 and has done many gigs at the Canvas Laugh Club.

10. Sumit Anand
He has done many shows in South East Asia including Malaysia and Cambodia. Sumit has done center acts for many famous comedy shows and has made his own solo hour-long show performed in Delhi as well. He is very talented with a great comedy sense.

11. Raouf Gangjee
As a Gujarati, I am totally biased when anything or anyone comes from Gujarat. I am like the Kajol in KKKG who takes everyone from India coming to London. But this man totally deserves the praise. Starting several comedy groups across India he has created a foundation for new comedians. He also writes for the humor column and has appeared on several television and radio shows including BBC Radio.

12. Aditi Mittal
She needs no introduction. She is one of the leading comedians who has changed the course of women in comedy by including controversial but very necessary topics like sanitary pads, bra shopping in her comedy. She has paved the way for many other female comedians.

13. Mallika Dua
She is an outspoken bubbly female comedian who once again has proved that comedy can be pursued by anyone and everyone. Her comedic role in AIB’s Tinder Aunty was spot on. She has great collaborations with many in the comedy world and is one to watch out for.

14. Vikram Poddar
A stand-up comedian in the corporate world where he teaches leadership with the idea to bring an innovative twist in meetings and formal functions with comedy to deliver the message! He is an MBA holder from Mumbai who has worked with several big names and is the owner of The Boredom Company.

15. Abhishekh Upamanyu
He is a natural at his comedy gigs at the Canvas Laugh Club. A rising star on YouTube he is surely an inspiration to all the new comedians out there. We wish him all the best and hope to see more of his work.
How many of these comedian names have you heard and who is your favorite? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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