17 hot women around the world who should join Bollywood

Divas have ruled Bollywood since the voyage of the Hindi film industry has set sail. From Meena Kumari to Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone, divas have been an integral part of Hindi films. They have added the element of glamour and sex appeal that Hindi film industry is quintessentially known for. The appeal of Bollywood is unabated and to is the steady stream of hot women around the world to it. In fact, there are a number of hot women around the world who should join Bollywood too.

Ivana Trump
From being a little known girl in a small Check town to being the former wife of the present President of USA, Ivana Trump has had a kaleidoscopic view of life. She has her own venture in clothing, beauty products, and fashion jewelry. She is also a former fashion model and television personality. All her qualities coupled with her seductive look can make her a perfect fit for Bollywood.

Carla Bruni
From being a model, singer, songwriter to being the wife of Italian president, Carla Bruni has proved her mettle in winning the hearts of millions of men through her seductive look, appearance, speech, and lifestyle. It would not be a surprise if she would also win the hearts of viewers through Bollywood films.

Monica Bellucci
An Italian fashion model who went on to become a famed Italian actress and then ultimately set her foot in Hollywood, Monica Bellucci has been known to be one of the most beautiful women in the world. With her seductive appearance and vivacious personality, she can make an attractive Bollywood diva who can win the hearts of viewers with elan.

Malal Yousafazai
She had been a diminutive tribal girl in the restive regions of Pakistan until she was shot at by fanatic Taliban militiamen. From then on the world has been witness to the composure, beauty, wit, grit, and personality of this girl. Malal Yousafazai has now transcended the barrier of teenage and shaped up as a fine woman ready to make her presence felt in any field. Bollywood can well be one of her destinations.

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