5 Live Rock Bands in Delhi you must know about

BandsListening to live rock music is an experience in itself. The raw emotional connect that you feel only multiplies when listening live and swaying along with everyone out there. Rock music has had a loyal following in almost every generation. While you may clamor for the popular international bands, but if you are an ardent follower of music you would know that bands from your own city sometimes deliver magic. This is especially true when the music scene is as happening as in Delhi.
Let me introduce to you five Rock bands, which you must absolutely know about if you follow the music scene in and around Delhi. If you have heard them, great! But if you haven’t yet, then you are surely missing out on something. The bands are listed in no particular order. Each of them can be the best if it’s their day.
So without any further ado, lets dive in!

The Divine Strings:

This Gurgaon based rock band thrives in classic rock, hard rock, classic metal, rock n roll, blues rock, alternative rock genres. From covers to originals, their music connects with the common folk. With a unique style and a chorus which sounds like an anthem, their passionate screams are captivating.
Awarded the Best Popular Choice Band Award in 2015 by HT TOG held in Gurgaon, The Divine Strings has rocked with songs like Coffee Shop Blues, Love Bug, Overdrive, Why My Home Burns, etc. This band has performed for over 100 shows at public, private and corporate venues.
Band Members:
Aman (Ricky) – Lead Guitarist
Arindam – Electric Guitarist
Harpreet (Harry) – Lead Vocalist and Lyricist
Rahul – Bass Guitarist
Mandar – Drummer
Ayushmaan – Creative Lead and Lyricist
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This six-piece band specializes in commercial Hindi rock. Their unique compositions and renditions live the fans spellbound. They have numerous covers and performances include Sufi and Hindi rock. This different flavor is what makes them very impactful and allows for an intricate connection with the audience.
Band Members:
Aditya – Lead Vocals
Atul – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Akash – Lead Guitar
Sahil – Bass Guitar
Vishal – Keyboard
Siddharth – Drums
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Jeremiah 29-11

This Goan Band was formerly known as Black Slade, but now regularly perform shows at venues in Gurgaon & Delhi. Their renditions are not just limited to rock but also expands to Retro, Pop, Reggae, Jazz, Country Western Techno with a bit of Punjabi and Hindi.
The band has continuously been performing over the past 20 years all over India and in the Gulf.
Band Members:
Menino Dias – Lead guitar n vocals
Ronald Perry da silva- Lead vocals
Raja Paul – Keys
Terry Pinto – Bass
Nazario Pereira- Drums

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The Banjara Music Project:

The Banjara Music Project has a flexible set-up which can vary from a solo performance to an eight-piece setup. Based in New Delhi, the band specializes in amalgamating Retro with Western genres and covers both English and Hindi music with skill and grace.
The band has two rappers which add a completely different element to the performances.
They have a history of corporate and public performances.
Band Members:
Abhinav Guppta – Lead Vocals
Arzoo Siddiqui – Lead Vocals
Moses Prakasham – Lead Guitar
Samrat Patni – Lead Guitar
Ardsheer Ali – Rhythm Guitar
Adityan G Bharati – Bass
Sharat Rajendran – Keyboard
Vikram Gupta – Drums
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Jazba-e-Junoon is a Live band exemplified by its passion. A young group which has received several accolades this band plays songs from rock & Sufi genres. The perform at Universities and Rock shows across Delhi.
This band ranked among the Top 5 of Rockonova Competition, organized by Hindustan Times’ Youth Nexus Festival in 2013. Jazaba-e-Junoon has headlined various festivals in reputed institutes. They were the runner-ups in the Battle of Bands GNIOT institute of Engineering at Greater Noida, 2013.

Band Members:

Mohammad Salman (Vocals & Guitars)

Mohd Mateen (Guitars)

Sehban Alam (Bass)

Arbaz Jauhar (Percussions)

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Hope you liked this blog!

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