A Guide to Find the Right Mentor in Music Industry

musicWhile training to become a successful professional singer or music producer, one key is to get a successful apprenticeship through a right mentor. The fact that someone has worked in music industry does not automatically infer that that person is the right one to teach you fine details of music. Even when you set up an in-studio interview with the prospective, you should also know what to look forward in a mentor. After all, that person will observe you, train you and will shape your career for another 5 or 6 years. Following are tips that can serve you as a guide and will give you an idea about what to look in a prospective mentor.

Mentor Should Practice Music of Your Interest

Music industry has various kinds of artists, sound engineers, and producers. Try to know what is the passion of the individual? Does he practice the sound engineering or does he play an instrument? Is he inclined towards a particular genre, such as country, hip-hop or punk? How will his and your interest align together? Think that what you would learn from a person who produces or plays country music when you are keen on classical music. Look for a mentor who would be doing the same things which you would be doing when you are at a studio.

A Mentor Should be Successful in his Music

Being successful in a specific genre does not mean that the individual should have sold maximum records in a specific label or is known for his economic way of handling the music. But, he should be thoroughly trained in the genre of your interest. He also should have experimented well in that genre and should be an experienced person in that field. Always remember, you want to learn good music from your prospective mentor and not money-making.

Individual Should be Well-Connected

While learning on-the-job, you will not only learn singing or playing; but you will also get an opportunity to participate in the activities of the actual music industry. Since most of the music acumen comes from connections rather than education, it is significant that your mentor has a good network of connections. It can include other artists, instrumentalists, sound engineers, music producers, and label representatives. You will be able to interact with his or her circle of friends once you work with your mentor.

Mentor Should Get along with People Well

No matter how successful a person is, different personalities sometimes never gel with each other. True, as a vocalist or an instrumentalist, you will need to learn to deal with a wide variety of people but in addition to this; you are going to spend a lot of time with your mentor too. Therefore, it should be someone you enjoy being around. Getting along with a mentor does not only mean going-to-class and shaping-a-career but it also can be the difference between success and failure sometimes.

Keeping these little things in mind will help you to shape your career in the right way and will turn you into a learned and successful vocalist, musician or instrumentalist.

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