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Stand-upIf on any given day, the city of Bangalore is testing you due to its traffic, you could check-out plenty of stand-up comedians in the city who could promise you a night of roller-coaster jokes. After laughing at their jokes till our stomachs hurt, we present you a list of best stand-up comedians of Bangalore:

Rupen Paul

Rupen Paul was a shy and introvert kid in childhood who could only crack jokes. At the age of 18, he performed a clip by Omid Djalli and after that, he devoted his whole life to stand-up comedy. While doing his masters, which he felt was extremely depressing; he decided to make people laugh. He still thinks that he is not a good comedian, but his huge list of online followers is a testimony to his immense talent.

Sanjay Manaktala

Comedian Sanjay Manaktala is a renowned name if someone is talking about the comedy scene in Bangalore. He got into stand-up comedy because he wanted to embarrass himself on a daily basis. Born and brought up in the US, this former software engineer primarily presents observational comedy and cracks jokes about subjects such as finding a life-partner, garbage on television, etc.

Praveen Kumar

Praveen Kumar is leading stand-up comedian of India hailing from Bangalore. He began performing while he was in BITS Pilani where he was a part of Mime club and started doing stand-up comedy in 2009. He has gained popularity due to his clean comedy which has got him over 975 shows. He says that he loves comedy so much that he decided to get married and now we all know that where does he get his jokes from.

Ajay Samson

Ajay Samson’s first participation in an open mic competition got him claps, laughter and reunited couple. On the insistence of Praveen Kumar, he participated in that competition and won it. Although he feels that his jokes are not funny, but he loves this part of life where he wakes up to find more fun.

Kenny Sebastian

Born in a middle-class family, Kenny Sebastian has developed his comic sense with a keen sense of observation of people, culture, and stereotypes. Having performed in more than 1000 shows in the last four years, Kenneth is rightly on his way to change the face of stand-up comedy in India.

Aamer Peeran

As a child, Aamer Peeran was a serial liar and not a good student. Therefore, he decided to utilize his two best talents; making people laugh and talking for his career. The best alternative for this was becoming a stand-up comedian. His observational comedy and jokes from daily life makes him an easy choice as a stand-up comedian.

Kjeld Sresth

Kjeld Sresth entered stand-up comedy because he finally got a job where people appreciated and applauded failure. He once admitted that quitting his job as a business analyst was a huge mistake, but he dreams of making it big someday. He has performed across the city at some of the best clubs of comedy and open mic competitions.

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