Actress and Cricketers Who Were Never Meant to Be Together

Actress and cricketers are famous for one thing – glamour and luxury that both professions entail. People admire both professions. Many actors have found moments of love and affection but they never progressed much. Here are a few stories with a sweet beginning but with an end too abrupt for us to comprehend.

Actress Rohit Sharma and Sofia Hayat

The lovebirds were seen together until Sofia decided that she wanted to be a with gentleman instead of someone who couldn’t respect her. She split with him in 2012 and confessed that she was forced to block him on every social media site.




ActressAmrita Arora and Usman Afzal

Amrita Singh (Bollywood actress) was smitten and bashful every time the media caught her with Usman Afzal. The first time they met was when they were invited to a common friend’s party. They were together for a year and later they decided to go their separate ways thinking it was best for both of them.




ActressNagma and Sourav Ganguly

This is perhaps one of the most controversial relationships in the history of cricket and acting. It won the attention of many fans and the media intervened and scrutinized this issue for many years. Sourav remained silent about this incident and married his childhood sweetheart and next-door neighbor, Dona. Nagma, on the other hand, claimed that their relationship was blooming but it didn’t flourish.



ActressYuvraj Singh, Kim Sharma, and Deepika Padukone

The cricketer-casanova, Yuvi, won and broke many hearts during his reign. Yuvraj was maintaining his ‘just good friends’ status with two actresses, Kim Sharma, and famous actress Deepika Padukone (a most popular actress). Everyone noticed the great chemistry that they shared. With Kim, things were progressing and they stayed together for a longer duration of time. But that did not work out and Kim married Ali Punjani and settled in Kenya. Deepika found her love with Ranveer Singh.



ActressAmrita Singh and Ravi Shastri

This couple declared their love for each other very openly in front of the camera. At that time, Amrita was trying to get herself established as a successful actor in Bollywood. Later the two parted when Ravi chose Ritu as his wife in 1990. Amrita found love with Saif Ali Khan a few years later. This is one disappointment that Bollywood has witnessed in recent times.





ActressIsha Sharvani and Zaheer Khan

This relationship was again one of the steadiest cricketer-actress romances in recent times. The two dated each other for eight years before they decided to take different routes in their lives. There was speculation about when the two would tie the knot. But they ultimately disappointed their fans when they split. Zaheer’s love interest lies with Sagarika Ghatge.



From these instances, fans can understand one basic rule about relationships. Nothing lasts forever. At times, relationships that seem to be worth fighting for seem irrelevant and just a mad pursuit. It is natural for people to drift if they cannot click and continue as friends or think of each other as family. These people nurtured love, but it died way before they could celebrate it together. It is sad, but, that’s the reality.


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