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Famous Comedian Amit Bhadana, a Delhi based YouTube actor and a comedian, who started out his journey with telling how his friends reacted in different situations. Amit quickly became famous for his own style of comedy. He came from a middle-class family and he dreamt of becoming a comedian from his childhood days. Amit always wanted to start his own YouTube channel but his parents disapproved of it. He did his graduation in law and after that, he started his own YouTube channel. He didn’t tell his parents about his YouTube channel and after a while when he started to become famous and earn respect to his channel, his relatives pointed out to the parents of his channel. He then went on to become a full-time comedian and now he is a unique and popular on YouTube.
Amit Bhadana, at the age of 24 has set an exemplary example for the masses. Amit Bhdana has shown that if enough effort is put into one’s dream. The dreams do come true. His desi style of comedy came from the fact that he used to watch videos on YouTube and saw that Indian flavor is missing from every one of them. He started experimenting with his own desi style and he then tested out on his channel. People seemed to love it and Amit Bhadana video is famous for his desi style videos which he is giving to his audience.

Amit prefers to write his own scripts, his friends shoot the videos and all of the characters are majorly known to him. He always tries to keep things simple and lives a very simple life. His channel has over 15 million subscribers now and he has overtaken Bhuvan Bam, one of the top YouTubers. Talking about his characters, he said that he takes inspiration from his friends and how they change in different situations like he has one friend who completely changes around girls and he has made a full video taking inspiration from how his friend changes around girls. Amit Bhadana video are hilarious and relatable.

Amit Bhadana video comes often and his fans are never left thirsty for his sarcastic desi remarks and humor.
Amit Bhdana has transformed from a middle-class comic among his friends to a YouTube icon and comedian everyone knows in India. He is a source of motivation among all those working hard to change their lives and make their dreams come true. With his own lines – “Master bhi kehde isse na padhana, naam hai uska Amit Bhadana”, the only thing left to say is “Amit Bhadana ki comedy hatke hai”.

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