Diversity in Entertainment- Oscars and Grammys

People have been constantly intrigued by two names- Grammy and Oscar award. There is a perpetual confusion regarding the purpose of having these names in the entertainment industry.

Okay, so let’s keep it simple. They are prestigious awards given to people who have proven their talent. Honorable shows are hosted so that people can see who received an award each year for his or her outstanding performance.

AwardThe First Grammy Awards was held on May 4, 1959. There were 28 categories based on genre and performance. Previously, the Grammy was known as The Gramophone Awards. The very trophy is in the shape of a gramophone.

So basically, Grammys were for people who love music.

Generally, the first category is Album of the Year. Then, we have Song of the Year. The next category is Best New Artist.

Record of the Year is the best single that has been recorded that year. These singles are released so that the entire album can be promoted. They also ensure that the new song has been aired on the radio so that it can reach out to more people. People would know about the recent releases with such promotion. Nominations are given out to anyone who helped in creating a single such as an artist, producer, engineer, and mixer.

Album of the Year is regarded as the biggest award. This nominates the entire album. The album should have five tracks which has new content for the sake of nomination. Like the Record of the year, every one dedicated in making the album is nominated.

Song of the year is awarded to the lyricist, the people who arranged the music for the song and the structure of the song which includes prelude, chorus, and harmony. It excludes the singer or performer.

Best New Artist award is given to someone who released the song or album, primarily the artist or a group of artists.

The Oscars, on the other hand, is an award ceremony for people in the film industry. This includes actors, scriptwriters and directors.

The first ceremony took place on May 16, 1929. There were 270 people. The tickets were sold for five dollars. There were 15 awards and the duration of the ceremony was for 15 minutes.

Both the Grammys and the Oscars are viewed by the global audience thanks to cable television. The Oscars have categories just like the Grammys.

The categories that are most popular are Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Picture. The Best Picture Award is the most awaited. Actors, Actresses, Directors, Producers and Costume directors are eligible for this award.

The Best Actor or Actress award can change the life of the actor and make them eligible for great opportunities to work for the best directors in the future. The actors can skip the entire process of auditioning for films and are in turn, pursued by directors, writers, and producers to act in their films.

So we can see that, although these two prestigious award shows celebrate creativity in entirely different terms, they unite the entire group of entertainers and celebrate talent, originality, -and emotion together in this global community.

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