Expensive Movies but flopped

Flopped moviesMovies are meant to be super hits, right? We are often misled into believing that most movies are successful but many directors have invested a lot of money to produce a film that never won the audience’s approval. Let’s take a look at some of the films that have failed to impress Indians and fans worldwide. It is really very difficult to predict how successfully a film will be released and will be accepted by audiences worldwide. These examples portray their unpredictability. But it is also amazing to see how passionate these directors are about working on a film that is like a dream to be realized by them. Here is the list of some expensive movies that got flopped on the box office.


Saawariya, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s adaptation of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s short story, White Nights, is a dark narration of the lives of people who loom in the darkness of the night like prostitutes, lovers who are separated and one-sided love. Although the narrative is poetic and full of romance, the movie flopped. The movie collected 23.25 crores and failed to impress the global audience.




expensive moviesRoop Ki Rani Choro Ka Raja

Back in 1993, this movie was made on a budget of 10 crores. This film was being directed by Satish Kaushik and was written by Javed Akhtar. It was initially being directed by Shekhar Kapur who abandoned the project midway. It earned 2.7 crores and was highly criticized for being one of the most embarrassing flops in the history of Bollywood movie production.




Bombay VelvetBombay Velvet

This film was directed and co-produced by Anurag Kashyap and was based on Gyan Prakash’s book, Mumbai Fables. It was released in 2015 and is an Indian period crime drama. The film’s budget was a striking 120 crores but they only made 22.27 crores which turned out to be a massive commercial disaster. This was one of the most expensive movies. Famous Bollywood star Ranbir Kapoor was the leading actor of this movie.





Expensive moviesRaavan

This Hindu epic adventure film was co-written, co-produced and directed by Mani Ratnam. Although a Telugu version was also created and both were released, they could earn 286 million rupees against 300 million rupees that they spent on the film. Although the dark and grim tale parallels the story of the epic characters of Ram, Sita, and Ravan, it was in the end, a total disaster.





This film depicts the life of the exemplary king who found peace after the war of Kalinga. It was directed and co-written by Santosh Shivan. Although it was screened in countries like the United Kingdom, North America and at the film festivals in Venice and Toronto, this movie didn’t make millions successfully. Worldwide earning was just about 28.03 crores.





Mangal PandeyMangal Pandey: The Rising

This movie is a depiction of the very famous Sepoy Mutiny that took place in 1857. It was India’s first war of independence. It was directed by Ketan Mehta, produced by Bobby Bedi and the screenplay was by Farrukh Dhondy. The film netted a gross amount of just 45 million rupees. Mangal Pandey movie was one of the most expensive movies of Bollywood.




This is the list of Flopped movies of Bollywood.

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