Mistakes Of An Artist At The first Gig

artistThe first gig is an important day for any artist. Both nervousness and excitement enhances the anxiety of an artist performing for the first time. Usually stars or beginners think that any gig when performed with energy and enthusiasm can result in a big show. But, this is not the only thing for which music producers and manager, of the record label, book an artist. They have a different opinion. Hence, few mistakes which artists usually make at their first gig are listed below.

  • Gimmicks Instead of Spontaneity

It is commonly observed that artists are over-confident and think that they should be spontaneous and hence no rehearsal is required. An artist should always remember that it is all right to be spontaneous but mistaking ‘winging it’ for spontaneity is always incorrect. Many artists jump around the stage, change the lyrics and try different gimmicks on stage. The irony is that this may bring great response for one night but people will always remember you for your good music and not for antics on stage. 

  • Practice in Pace of Rehearsal

While practicing, artists sing their songs in a recording studio. They don’t lay basic tracks, mix it, scratch the track vocally and send their recordings to the music label. It is very different from rehearsing music in a concert setting. Rehearsal involves the verbal, vocal and visual rearrangement of songs so they work live and more. Hence, before stepping on a concert stage, an artist should rehearse well. It gives room for spontaneous changes also.

  • Understand the Expectation of Audience

Audiences seek three things from the performance of an artist in a concert; to be engaged and captured, to create memorable moments and to see an enthralling performance. As an artist, everyone thinks that people come to a concert to listen to their music, but it is incorrect. An artist should create memories for its audience and that’s where a rehearsal plays an important role.

  • Songs of One Artist Looks All Same

As a musician and singer, you are aware that all your songs are different. They have different themes, rhythms, tones, and melodies. But, for other artists and audiences, it is all same since each singer has its own signature style. Hence, you should be very creative at your first gig. The audience seeks communication with their favorite artist which is 55% what they see, 30% emotion or tone and 15% content. So, if your songs sound the same, it can be a real problem since an audience doesn’t know who you are.

  • Arrangements Intended for A Radio Show and Gig are Different

The expectation of your audience is different at a gig or a concert hall then while they turn on a radio set. If you perform your songs in the same settings as they were recorded for radio, then you are heading towards a big mistake as an artist. For a live show, these songs need to be completely rearranged. But the good part is, a well-written song will always do well in any setting because it has the power to create memories or moments. Therefore, always keep these five points in mind to create a memorable first gig as an artist.

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