Get through Life with Help from These 7 Stand – up Routines by Indian Female Comedians

female comediansWhoever said women are not funny clearly has not met the current stand up, Indian female comedians. Not only do they slay with their comedic performances but also help spread awareness on many issues facing women in India today. From being mothers to wives, women can do it all and these comedians take us through exactly that by talking about routines in Indian female life and turning them with a comedic twist. Watch out for these seven stunning stand – up routines by Indian Female comedians.

1. Aditi Mittal
One of the leading comedians who has changed the course of women in comedy by including controversial but very necessary topics like bra shopping, sanitary pads, arranged dates and many more. She is a strong female who talks about everything women face in their daily lives and with her comedy also educates women on topics like breast cancer awareness. She is one of the best female comedians.

2. Mallika Dua
You might recall her from her role in the famous web series THE TRIP or you know, already know her from her various comedy endeavors. Her imitation of Tinder Aunty on AIB was what left everyone in very relatable fits of laughter. She does not shy away from very true comedic topics and her expression and dialogue delivery are simply on spot. Dating in the modern world is every girl’s worst nightmare and she portrays this very nicely.

3. Neeti Palta
Her short comedic piece on size matters where she talks about bra size and how every woman is different. She also goes ahead to list out the advantages of having smaller boobs. It is simply hilarious and almost makes us envy her.

4. Ankita
Ankita has done a wonderful piece on Bombay girls in Local train. From the train timing to the workers on the platform and the men in the train she has put this routine in perspective for all young women out there who ever find themselves facing a situation of traveling by a local train. Ankita’s expressions, as well as her detail in comedy, is spot-on hilarious.

5. Radhika Vaz
An excellent stand-up comedian, she did a masterpiece on the routine of how women take a dump v/s how men use the toilet. Her mind-blowing explanations in minute comedic detail is totally to die for and she absolutely owned the stage and the fact that women most often find it hard to do the most basic function of going to the loo and are embarrassed about it especially when they are around their new boyfriends (oops… spoiler alert!).

6. Sumukhi Suresh
She is a comedian who has associated with AIB and Son Of Abish. Her piece on affectionate nicknames for women whether sexualizing or body shaming will leave you thinking while filling you with laughter at the same time. Sumukhi has a very unique take on common issues women face and can have you rolling around in no time. She is a must-watch for all the young aspiring female comedians.

7. Vasu Primlani
Vasu has made an excellent piece questioning the sanity of Gandhari’s choice to spend her entire life as a blind woman to join her blind husband in the Mahabharata. She points some necessary questions on the actions of a lot of women in the mythology that we have blind faith in letting us question our sanity with a comedic twist.

Why don’t you go online and watch some of these (or rather, ALL) routines and laugh your guts out, while learning several life lessons that will help you sail across!

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