Golden Rules On How To Rehearse with A Band

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Practicing with a band not only strengthens the bond between band members but also prepares the members of the band for future gigs. It also improves the synchronization of band members and each member gets to know music of other in a better way. Hence, here are few golden rules which you need to keep in mind while you are working or practicing with a band.




  • Lead Vocalist Should Control the Band

In most cases, singers try to follow the band for cues; such as endings, count-offs, and generally feels. While at other times, the lead vocalist waits for the band to end the tune leaving other members of the band clueless. It is a big mistake to lose track of the song if you are controlling it. The good idea is to have a leader and a co-leader in a band, such as a guitarist or a keyboardist who disseminates the information to other band members.

  • Establish an Eye-Contact With The Entire Band

Make sure to establish eye contact with all the members of the band (especially the bassist and percussionist) on endings and count-offs. Also, ensure that your band knows the dynamics of your music and they know when you will end your tune. Even the most experienced players need to be reminded occasionally about when you about to end your tune.

  • Lead Vocalist Should Pick The Tune Always

Although there are exceptions to this rule; the lead vocalist should pick the tune in order to direct the song. This is due to the reason that the band will be able to support and enhance the music of lead performer in this way. However, if the band doesn’t agree to it, anyone can pick the tune and the whole band should then follow the lead performer (instrumentalist or vocalist).

  • Melody/Lyrics Are Most Significant While Performing

Lyrics and melody is very significant for both band and audience. Many times, a vocalist ends up yelling instead of singing because he cannot hear his own voice. Yelling damages delicate folds in a song. It can also give nodes and polyps that can damage your throat. Therefore, rock singers often use ear and nose filters, to avoid damage to their hearing capability.

  • Perform Regular Rehearsals

Although it is difficult to conduct too many rehearsals for a professional live band due to scarcity of time, rehearsals at regular intervals are important to polish your music. You can cut the rehearsal time by preparing the recorded versions of each tune along with easy to read charts.

  • Respect All Band Members

Respect for each band member is must to run a band successfully. If you like the way a player sounds, appreciate him in front of other members. They will always remember this and will try to raise the standard of the band. On the contrary, if you insult any player in front of other players, it will result in a rift in the band. Hence, practice a lot with your band to become a memorable performer and a favorite among your fans.

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