Holi : Festival Of Colour

HoliHoli is one of the most anticipated festivals in India. This is the day we all shed our inhibitions and enjoy a fun-filled day with our friends and family. There are many people who love to indulge in splashing colors on each other and even organize a party for people. It is a very special moment for newly-weds as well. It is one of the most romantic festivals and can be traced back to the rustic pleasures of Vrindavan, the sweet romantic venue meant for Radha and Krishna. If you want to celebrate this day with your loved ones, here are a few pointers to help you get started.


Call everyone you know

The party gets better if you pick up the phone and call up your loved ones. A quick reminder can work wonderfully if given prior to the event.

Make a designer card

Some very artistic people try handmade invitation cards and attach a packet of gulal for a personalized touch. Be attentive to details such as time and date of the event. Everyone young or old should be a part of this event.

Songs for the event

A very important component of holi includes having a songlist prepared for the event. Choose the songs that work best and fit this occasion. Some of the age-old hits are Holi Ke Din (Sholay), Rang Barse ( Silsila), Holi Khele Raghuveera ( Baghban) and more contemporary numbers such as Balam Pichkari ( Yeh Jawani Hain Deewani) in which Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor and actress Deepika Padukone were cast of the movie.

Food for fun and festivity

Who can forget the cuisine that fits the occasion? A good menu is essential for the event since, after all the fun and games, the guests will be hungry. Make your loved ones’ experiences memorable by adding delicious dishes to the list of food such as pasta, biryani, golgappe or anything to munch on while they drench in the colors of spring.

Drinks to quench your thirst

What’s holi without a glass of cool and refreshing bhaang? An assortment of sweet treats such as puran polis, malpuas, gujiyas, and kachoris will do the trick.

Cool and refreshing lemonade, cocktails, colorful mocktails, and other sweet drinks can keep the guests feeling energized and fresh as they play all day long.

Go natural with petals

At times, we find a friend or a member of our family who wants to join in but is hesitant since that person might be allergic to the colors. A very colorful and natural way to make them feel welcome would be to pluck petals of the most colorful flowers and keep them aside for such members of the family or guests. This can also be applied to people who are older than you since offering flowers is a very respectful gesture.

Use water wisely

Another very important thing to be done is to make sure that water is not wasted. Summers are dry in India. There are many regions that stay arid for months. Water should be conserved and used only when required. The quantity of water consumed while playing with colors should also be checked.

With these tips in mind, holi will be a fun-filled event every year. Cheers everyone! Enjoy spending time with your loved ones.

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