How Anchoring and Reporting Are Mutually Exclusive and Similar

AnchorWe come across news headlines every day on the television. As we enjoy browsing through global events from the comfort of our sitting room, we sometimes fail to remember the contribution of talented individuals who try their very best to keep us updated and well informed. News is collected and delivered to us, the global audience, but the process is also very interesting if we take time to observe it closely. Here are some similarities between anchor and reporter.

What Anchors Do


Primarily, we have anchors and reporters who do the job of bringing us fresh room every day. Anchors can sometimes perform the role of a reporter. But reporters very rarely assume the role of anchors. There are various differences in their roles.

A Reporter’s Role

Reporters are people with keen insight and intelligence and they collect news about current affairs so that they reach people with speed and immediacy. Their source of information is generally from a round of press conferences, handouts provided by people and from interviews of people of importance.

Basic Difference Between the two

The anchor delivers the news before a camera in a news studio. They often don’t need to collect the news themselves but, they focus on sharing information on live television. They are referred to as news presenter or newsreader.

Reporters may be located in specific venues by the newsroom while the show is being aired live on television. They may need to narrate and write the scripts for the news that they want to deliver.

TV Anchors have a glamorous job in the sense that they receive a comparatively better salary. They need to have an attractive personality and pleasant features so that they can retain the attention of the audience.

An anchor’s primary skill should be his confidence and charisma. He should be able to face the camera with ease and comfort so that people can attentively listen to his words and retain information. Even in dire situations, he should have peace of mind and quick wit in order to handle tricky situations. The anchor needs to be a confident speaker and should have the confidence to continue a conversation while interviewing someone of importance in society, while debating or while conducting anything on air. They also handle telephonic interviews and conversations while the show is being aired.

Reporters need to be skilled writers primarily. They need to be frank and communicative since it is their responsibility to get in touch with people from whom information is to be gathered. He should be meticulous and should have a good command overexpression as he may write and speak while out on the field.

Reporters have the scope of working extensively on the field where they gather information. They are usually asked to edit their own reports since they have a strong command over the language.

Reporters usually get 15 seconds to introduce an event and 10 seconds to distribute video feedback once the news has been collected and edited by him. They interact with the sound reporters back at the studio. Assignment editors ensure that news that is not contradictory or verified is distributed by the anchors.

Although the work of an anchor is glamorous, both anchors and reporters have important roles to play in the news department. It is teamwork that keeps us updated and informed on a daily basis.

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