How DJ and MC differ

DJWe all love to groove to great music. We party all night and celebrate our youth with vigor and energy. Our favorite haunts are discs, nightclubs, and lounges. We are very engrossed in enjoying ourselves. But pause for a moment. How do you think you get the entertainment flawlessly all night? Who ensures that you dance to hit numbers and enjoy your time with your friends? Let’s take a closer look at what happens behind the scenes.

There are two categories of talented individual, who take care of the needs of the crowd. They are DJs and MCs.

The Origin

According to history, DJs first started working at radio stations and entertained guests on air. This can be traced back to about a hundred years ago. MCs, on the other hand, are relatively older since they first began their journey as an officiator of protocol in the Catholic Church during ceremonies organized by the church and headed by the Pope.


DJ or disc jockeys play music for the audience at parties or on the radio. He interacts with the crowd and energizes them by narrating what they are playing. They also entertain guests at weddings.

Kinds of DJ

There are several kinds of DJ. There are radio jockeys. Their songs are played on-air via AM, FM, internet radios, shortwave or digital stations. Club DJ play music in bars, clubs, and discos. Hip hop DJs make use of the turntables which are often scratched to create percussive sounds. Reggae DJs talk, rap or chat over pre-recorded music for a different experience altogether.


MC or masters for ceremony ensure that formal events are being conducted very smoothly and they keep interacting with the audience. They are generally found in events such as open mic nights, comedy clubs, charity events, ceremonies meant for introducing people, banquets and boxing matches. They keep the crowd preoccupied by cracking jokes. They often rap lyrics to keep the crowd happy and entertained. They are not professional rappers as being an MC is not always a job but a hobby too.

DJs focus on entertaining the crowd to the best of their ability. They try to mix the songs, play entire tracks, stop them and restart the songs and try wonderful experiments.

MCs experiment with music by rapping while playing a certain track. It could either be pre-written or freestyle.

DJs rock the party with reggae music while MCs shine in hip hop clubs.

It is very interesting to see how important DJs and MCs are in the entertainment industry. In this fast-paced day and age when people have little time for leisure and interaction, these talented individuals keep our hearts young and cheerful.

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