How to Avoid Break-Up in Your Band

Bands“All things must pass, all things must pass away”, George Harrison once has said in one of his songs.

And while it may be true in every sense, it is also true for the conflicts in a band. Some conflicts can be avoided, while others result in short-term relationships. Also, some bands and members learn these lessons the hard way. Here are few tips to keep your band together.

Make Everyone Sign a Band Agreement

Decide and write down formally a band agreement on which everyone should sign. What is the role of each member? How will the profits, publishing rights, trademarks etc will be distributed? What are the short-term and long-term goals of a band? What happens when someone leaves the band? How will you eliminate someone from band? Discuss all these things up front and move forward on the terms everyone has agreed upon. It is usually difficult to decide the terms, but the band will be happy once you have done it. Make sure you follow this even if you register yourself as a band on some online artist booking portals.

Spend Time With Each Other Outside The Band Obligations

Yes, we know after that amount of touring, recording and gigging together, you must be sick of each other already. But, meeting outside as friends will help you stay connected and will help you to discuss the constraints of the band such as time-crunch for practice, availability of gigs, and hanging over the conversation. You can also discuss the goals of the band, the kind of gigs you want to get in the future, the attitude of the music producer you have taken up recently, etc.

Avoid Conflicts

Conflicts can arise even in the smallest of bands. That’s obvious, but you should try to minimize its effect. Don’t let power dynamics, aggression, or gossip eat away your band from inside. When you are touring, make sure to spend some time with any one of the band members in each city. Grab an instrument and try to pair with any of your band members, if you are keen on sectional rehearsals. Change your carpool arrangements and place the responsibility of arranging it alternately in hand of each member.

Let Everyone Speak in a Band

Everyone in a band needs to feel a sense of ownership in order to motivate himself for the betterment of band. The easiest way for this is to encourage everyone to talk about the live band’s performance, music, style of songs, etc. Everyone doesn’t have to agree with each other, but at least everyone is heard. The final decision about any aspect of the band should be based on the majority in the band. In the end, mention the clause in the band.

Work on a Solo-Project Independently

Sometimes, you don’t want to compromise on various things. Maybe you want to record a song which you have written but the guitarist hates it or you have a magnificent idea about the marketing of the band, but everyone is confused about it or maybe you want to replace pre-recorded synth tracks with a bass player and everyone does not agree to it. Keep the ideas which everyone is not happy about for your solo project. Work on it in your leisure time and keep it for bad times. Hence, these ideas will help you to flourish as a successful band with happy members.

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