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Iconic MoviesAn actor is successful only if he can be convincing on screen. A character that seems real, is one with whom we can relate and is a successfully portrayed character. The real skill lies in bringing out the idiosyncrasies of characters to the best of one’s ability. Here are some actors and the characters that they played that convinced the audience that no one can ever take their place for that particular character. Here is the list of iconic movies and their actors.

Jack ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’s’ -Jack Sparrow(Johnny Depp)

It is obvious that no one can beat Johnny Depp’s famous portrayal of the quirky character, Jack Sparrow. His gait, gestures, dialogues, attitude and very existence cease to exist without Johnny Depp himself. We can’t help but laugh at his eccentricities and admire his ready wit and spectacular screen presence. Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the most iconic movies.




Harry Potter‘Harry Potter'(Daniel Radcliffe)

Daniel Radcliffe is famous on a global scale for his extremely famous character, Harry Potter, that was a sensational hit across the globe. He literally grew up on the sets of the film and developed the characteristics of Harry such as being inquisitive, innocent, ready for action and faithful towards his friends with an iconic actor, Harry Potter is one of the best iconic movies.




Iconic Movies‘The Devil Wears Prada’s Miranda Priestly'(Meryl Streep)

Meryl Streep is famous for her cold declaration, ‘That’s all’, that makes all her employees feel uneasy and their unsettled faces and gestures say it all. She is indifferent, sarcastic and is the boss not only in the office but in her own world as well. She rules wherever she goes and is the Queen of controversy.






Wolverine in ‘X-Men’

The most famous character in the X-Men series would be Logan, who is also known by his name Wolverine. His very presence makes us feel his immense power and the intensity of his devotion to his friends and beloved. No one can take his place. His final movie Logan left millions of fans heartbroken and grieving for more of his action-packed adventures.




Iconic MoviesElle Woods in ‘Legally Blonde’

Reese Witherspoon’s famous performance as Elle has won our hearts. She is a very innocent girl, fresh out of high school, understands fashion and loves her boyfriend, who aspires to be a lawyer. Initially, she plays the shadow game by enrolling herself in her boyfriend’s college but slowly realizes that she has been replaced by a smart would-be lawyer. We love to watch her struggle to win her beloved’s attention. Her victory as a successful graduate and the topper of her college makes us celebrate life along with her.



These are some of the most memorable characters who have impressed us, made us fantasize about them and have inspired us to be successful in life. We cannot imagine any other actor in the place of the ones who have already played the role of these classic characters. The actors have not become the characters, the characters seem lifelike thanks to the effort of these talented artists. Their gestures, expressions, glances, accents, and mannerisms all play a vital role in making us believe that we are looking at a real person and not just a figment of an author’s imagination.

So, this is the list of iconic movies and the actors and actresses who played a role in these movies.

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