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Kabir SinghKabir Singh – an Indian Hindi romantic drama written and directed by Sandeep Vanga. The movie is a remake of Vanga’s Telugu film Arjun Reddy.

It is jointly produced by production houses Cine1 Studios and T-Series. The film star Shahid Kapoor as Kabir Singh, an intelligent but alcoholic surgeon who falls down the path of self-destruction when his girlfriend is forced to marry someone else. Kiara Advani plays the part of Preeti Sikka, Kabir’s girlfriend.



The shooting for the film began in October 2018 which ended in March 2019. The film’s trailer was released on 13th May, and it went viral. Shahid Kapoor’s acting was a significant part of what made Kabir Singh a whole new trend even before it was released.

The film starts with Kabir Singh resting near the seashore with his girlfriend, Preeti. The film takes us back to Kabir’s college days when he was a care-free and had a very angry personality. His antics made him unbearable element for the college despite having an exceptional academic record.

Kabir Singh

His life takes a turn when Preeti takes admission into his college, and he falls in love with her. Preeti too falls in love, and they take their relationship further. Kabir and Preeti face a challenge when Preeti’s parents refuse to marry her with Kabir. She is forced to marry someone else, and Kabir doesn’t take it very well. He turns into a full-blown alcoholic and starts doing drugs. Kabir takes a self-destructive path while he works at a hospital as a surgeon.

Kabir Singh received mixed reviews with some critics labeling the film for glamorizing misogyny, toxic masculinity, and a very possessive attitude. The film was also shunted by many women stating that the film shows a very negative attitude towards women and portrays strong male chauvinism.

The film does represent a very cynical take on handling broken relations. But, the film, according to our review, shows the suffering of a single person who loved someone to his deepest core. The film does show violence as Kabir has anger management issues, but that’s how the character is, Kabir is an extremist and he can go to any length when it comes to his love.

Kabir Singh isn’t the kind of Bollywood romantic story where the hero is a picture-perfect handsome man who will marry his love without doing anything wrong. Kabir is wrong for most parts of the movie; he is all in or all out.

Humans aren’t picture-perfect, and situations in real life aren’t also. This kind of romanticism isn’t seen in Bollywood. Every human has his fair share of flaws and scares.

And how the scars translate to one’s life is unpredictable too. Shahid Kapoor did a great job in portraying the character. He went into the zone and managed to be Kabir Singh, the kind of anger and vulnerability Kabir as a character has, Shahid Kapoor did a fantastic job showing that on-screen. Shahid’s acting gave Kabir Singh’s radical thought process life of his own and the audience seem to love it.

The romance the film shows is a tad bit dull than the original movie where the lead actors were able to create a better romantic aura than Kabir Singh. But in all fairness, Kabir Singh is a whole new concept which needs to be digested with a fact that not all is like the kind of Bollywood romance we have seen.

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