Most Expensive Music Concerts Of The Century


Artists across the world invest a lot of energy and time in planning their tours. Hence, an expensive concert also requires a big budget. The monetary side of a concert is always ignored by fans, but production companies are aware that most of the musicians are willing to splurge millions for a perfect performance. From custom-made props to dynamic engineering, creating the perfect ambiance for a live show takes enormous time, and most importantly, money. From rock legends to pop icons, listed below are few artists that are known for doing most expensive live performances:

U2’s 360 Degree Tour

U2’s highest-grossing tour made a historical $730 million. The investment required to build the famous claw structure was also huge. The idea behind this structure was to allow a 360° view of the stage. A crew of 300 workers was required to create the set with a daily budget of $750, 000. It broke all the records of the most expensive concert of all the time.

Madonna’s Sticky and Sweet tour

In her Sticky and Sweet tour of 2009, the diva, Madonna was indulgent in preparing her stage. She became the highest-selling female artist by earning $408.6 million in earnings. The two Ms on the stage were encrusted with diamonds which alone cost $2 million. But, provided the end-result, it seemed that $261 million investment was worth it.

A Bigger Bang Tour, The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones did a world tour with almost 147 shows on the menu, in order to promote their album. In spite of being one of the most successful live bands in the world, they invested a huge amount in a big stage setting. The tour collected $558 million and required a crew of 150 people for each set-up.

The Wall Tour, Roger Water

Pink Floyd began a revolution in stage theatrics when they toured across the world to promote their album, The Wall. It took place from 2010 to 2013 and required an average of $200,000 a day in maintenance. Every concert had 500 foot long and 80 feet tall video screen that covered the entire screen.

Born This Way Ball, Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is known for her extravagance on her sets. Her fans and critiques were not disappointed when the famous pop-icon invested $2 million to create an enormous 30-ton Gothic castle that was five stories tall.

Beyonce Knowles

Current Mrs. Carter and former ‘All the single ladies’, Beyonce proved to be a superstar as far as singing in concerts is concerned. Whether it is cheering for female empowerment or taking up wifehood, she has no parallels. In 2013, the average price for her tickets was little under $300, but her most expensive performance in Las Vegas on June 29, where the cost of an average ticket was $764.

The love for live music bands has no boundaries, and for some fans, not even financial boundaries. But, the ardent fans are always willing to pay anything for once in a lifetime opportunity to witness the performance of their favorite stars.

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