Movie versus TV comedy: Degrading standard of comedy movies

moviesThe increasing popularity of science-fiction and comic-book film making establish the fact that these genres have made their marks in Hollywood. But, comedy is definitely not part of this popular trend. It is pretty understandable, a business focused on monetizing franchises, sequels, and even studios can’t coin a perfect formula for a perfect comedy film since this particular genre of entertainment thrives on observations and surprises to the audience.

Therefore, the comedy sequels appear dull as a comparison to the original movie such as in the Dumb and the Dumber because most of the film-makers can’t maintain the same standards after a certain number of films. As a result, we get productions with the same set of actors, directors, and other artists but it is no longer funny.

Emergence of Television a Comedy Destination

It is the golden age of television and it has become the most fertile place for comedy soaps and stage shows. TV series allow the stand-up comedians to inspiration from many sources which may or may not be original based on their strengths and weaknesses unlike in movies where the entire work is expected to be original. Most comedy series based on the same formula never turn stale such as in it’s Always Sunny in California and South Park. A number of great minds are working on Television today to produce great work.

Due to the arrival of thousands of cable and internet channels, many producers are willing to invest in an original or idiosyncratic comedy act. The networks also produce quality sitcoms and hence people rely on networks such as Netflix, Comedy Central, and FX for a quality and original comedy. The original vision of a comedy series won’t be diluted by a lengthy development through the fast-paced production model of television means and production process which might include numerous punch-ups.

The Tale of Studio-Produced Comedies

In the meantime, the studio-based comedy shows struggle to fit talented people due to the paucity of time. Therefore, numerous people are stuck doing things which they don’t want to because their studio wants them to do it. Many comedians have got recognition in this arena of comedy too such as comedians Kevin Hart and Chris Rock.

Few unsuccessful studio-produced comedy include Date Night containing the stars Steve Carell and Tina Fey. The rom-com spoof They Came together was also not able to do that good, despite the star power of Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd. The three movies directed by Mike Judge suffered the same fate due to lousy distribution and marketing.

Plenty of directors have tried their hands on comedy, but most of them throughout the film history have met with inconsistency. It suffers the same fate which most TV series meet with after too many years of telecast. Hence, comedy fans these days have numerous places to turn for quality material, but the silver screen is certainly not one of them unless Hollywood opts for similar strategies which television networks opt for their TV series. In addition to that, due to options of booking artists online, people find it really convenient to hire a comedy artist for live performances at their parties, wedding receptions, corporate functions, etc.

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