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PartyPartying and clubbing, once a niche activity has become mainstream now. Holidaymakers are now planning their trips not only around festivals worldwide but also according to famous clubs and parties. With this in mind, we have listed an ultimate bucket list of some of the best parties happening across the world. This includes some of the old favorites to the beginners making it big on the current clubbing scene.

  • Panorama bar, Klubnacht (Berlin)

Any visitor who has been to Berlin and has witnessed the splendor of Panorama will agree to the fact that it takes time to appreciate ‘normal’ clubbing again. The incredible sound, the shutters, and the perfect layout is the reason why Panorama Bar is known as one of the best club in the world. It is also a dream of every Party DJ to step into the coveted booth of this club.

  • Circolo (Ibiza)

Since its advent in 13 years ago, this legendary club has grown from a humble beginning of a small collection of hard-core ravers into most revered parties in Ibiza, perhaps the greatest in the whole world of electronic music. After battling legal issues and closures in 2008-09, it has come back stronger than ever.

  • Robot Heart (New York)

Robot heart events are very spectacular and can’t be overlooked. The club has created a community consisting of like-minded people. Every fall guests come in their costumes for the spring party and Halloween into the worm-hole and make this event memorable.

  • Carl Cox: The Revolution (Ibiza)

Each week, this party comes up with the most breathtaking productions which this island has to offer. The larger than life personality of Carl Cox combined with his best promotion team, offers you one of the most wild and incredible fun-filled night in the entire world. The soothing music played by live music bands adds a new dimension to the whole experience.

  • Trouw (Amsterdam)

Owing to its intuitive and unique layout, unsurpassed sound, and music from the world’s best DJs, Trouw carries a special reputation among best clubs across the world. The club was built by a strong network of residents who have given inputs in the club’s musical direction and has helped to create a sense of family for the club. It also includes the Sunday morning breakfasts for both crew and performers.

  • Agwa Yacht Club (Sydney)

If you are traveling in or around Sydney and have an inclination towards house, disco, or techno, you should visit the famous Agwa Yacht Club, which sails every summer on beautiful Sydney Harbour. Entering its 8th year and 21st edition this summer, Agwa hosts a brilliant selection of local and international DJs to spin a memorable summery disco on the top deck, and techno music on the lower floor.

  • All-day I dream (USA)

Lee Burridge was partly inspired by Burning Man and first hosted his party in New York a few years ago. Since then, ADID has flourished in Los Angeles, Montreal, and even Mexico’s BPM. He has also hosted parties at Brooklyn and LA recently.

  • Electric Island (Toronto)

In 2013, a major player known as Electric Island emerged in Toronto. It brought together both international and local names such as Seth Troxler, Sasha, Nitin, etc. Together with the scenic landscapes of Toronto and the city’s skyline, this party is not worth missing.

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