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(left) Joe ‘Blower’ Garvey, lead guitar for Hinder, and Mike Rodden, bass guitar for Hinder, perform for service members and their families, June 5, 2009, Ramstein Air Base, Germany. The Armed Forces Entertainment and Navy Entertainment indulge service members overseas and at remote and isolated locations with entertainment to boost morale and welfare. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Amber Bressler)(Released)

Music is a ubiquitous activity found in every known culture. Individuals demonstrate different preferences in music, and yet little is known about the reason behind these preferences. Rock music has recently become very popular in India among the organizers, artists, and listeners who are keen to organize or attend an event. The ever-changing audience preferences and economic sustainability of any genre in the event industry can be understood by understanding the requirements of people who are actively involved in the music business. Following are a few reasons behind the popularity of rock bands in recent years:

India as an Epicenter of Globalization

Metropolitan in India was highly affected by globalization after the enactment of economic measures during the 90s that proclaimed Bangalore(the rock capital of India) as the Silicon Valley of India. This led to a drastic change in Indian music arena since the youth gained literacy in syntax of popular international music. The first metal band of India emerged in 1988 but rock culture was prevalent since the 60s and 70s when radio became part of everyone’s life. The pub culture then flourished but official event culture for rock bands emerged only in the late 2000s when there was a new rage for company-sponsored ‘battle of bands’.

Big Bands Performing Frequently

Indian cities like Mumbai and Bangalore have become favorite destinations of big bands because of its receptive audience. Bangalore was also featured in the documentary ‘Global Metal’ by Samm Dunn. The city has now seen more than 100 or more rock performances since Iron Maiden’s visit in 2007. Initially, the organizers preferred Rock bands, but Metal bands like Metallica and Iron Maiden have also gained popularity in recent years. Metallica drew more than 40,000 fans in its first event in India.

Audience and Artists Gathered at The Same Platform

The gigs serve as an ideal platform for both artists and the audience. Further, it increases the interaction and popularity of artists. Usually, it is hard to enjoy Rock or Metal music in a relaxed setting of a pub or a restaurant; hence Metal and Rock band gigs are suitable for a concert setting. They are usually paid according to the amount of audience they generate and only a few pubs are open for rock performances since it is noisy. Therefore, PR agencies assert this fact that organizers are keener to host rock performances as compared to other events.

Spread of Inter-Cultural Identity

Rock bands are now keen to establish themselves as a trans-local music groups and hence are trying to adapt themselves according to the regions of their fans. Raghu Dixit’s project in which he has tried to use Indian notes to develop an experimental genre Vedic Metal is one of the efforts in the same direction. In many ways, the amalgamation in Rock music aids every band and transcends geographical boundaries in the way no music can.

To conclude, rock music which reflects the sentiments and struggles of hard-working middle class in the west has now become the leisure pursuit of the upper-middle class in India, who are seeking services of online artist booking platforms such as, to find their favorite rock bands and hire them for events and concerts. The musicians of this genre often express an anti-establishment mindset and hence a rock gig becomes a good alternative for a rebel upper-middle class individual to critically relieve himself.

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