Secrets of Highly Successful DJs

DJ The common quality in most of the successful DJs is the dream of playing the hottest tune in a stadium crowded with sea of mad fans. When any one of them achieves this dream, he remembers in a quick second that it wasn’t long when he used to play at a friend’s party, downloaded bootleg edits and experienced anxiety before meeting any party organizers or registering yourself on online artist booking websites. The journey from a beginner to a successful DJ is not very long but one has to keep the following points in mind:

Get a Work Experience

If you are genuinely interested in playing music, get some work experience. Try to find jobs at gigs, bars or at a night club. Playing music just in the bedroom or a friend’s party would not polish your knowledge base of music. Prepare some flyers and advertise yourself. Collect email addresses of a local DJ when he or she plays. If you are selected for a job, do a warm-up for at least half an hour before you play the music for the actual crowd.

Make Your Music Collection Rich

The awareness of various forms of music is the most distinguishable aspects of a successful DJ. They listen to all kinds of music. Download and study contemporary music from all cultures across the world and buy the CDs of classics. Explore the best music of the city, be it in an exquisite opera or a filthy gig. Dig out some good music from various cultures by listening to folk songs. Always remember that folk songs are the mirror of a culture. Mix and blend them to make them suitable for contemporary listeners. When you do all this, you emerge as a polished DJ with a crate full of magic.

Be a Music Lover

Good DJs aren’t born; they are usually the result of years of wandering. Be religiously regular in your crate-digging, mix-swapping, clubbing, and general music-loving. Don’t forget to develop your taste for all sorts of music as you work on your DJ skills. Love music and learn everything about it you can. One doesn’t become a music expert overnight. Therefore, enjoy the learning curve.

Be Professional

The idea of hiring DJs for parties is gaining momentum these days. If you have been hired to play at a party and you turn up late and scruffy, it will give the impression that you don’t care about the party and clients. Always be well-dressed, alert and enthusiastic for your parties, since you will be emitting your energy into the crowd. If your energy doesn’t match the energy of the audience, you can’t expect them to connect with you. Keep in mind that people like to work with professionals.

Relax and Unwind After Gigs

If you want to stay in this business for the long run, don’t get exhausted. Even if you are passionate, take out time to relax and unwind after the gigs. Getting home at 4:00 am can leave you wired and unable to sleep. Get involved in something serene and peaceful after a hectic weekend at work. One such activity is exercising and having a plain barbecue with the family on Monday or Tuesday. It soothes your nerves, keeps you on your toes and rejuvenates you for your next gig.

Hence, being easier on yourself will make your journey interesting. Ask for the opinion and advice of those you respect, trust in yourself and enjoy your ride to become a good DJ.

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