Significance of DJ in an Indian Wedding

DJThe role of a DJ(Disc Jockey) can’t be ignored in an Indian wedding. They not only provide and create mood and entertainment for the wedding ceremony but also accompany the priest while they chant the shlokas and mantras in the form of marriage rituals. Music is an inevitable part of wedding ceremonies in India; hence the presence of DJs is also unavoidable. Listed below are few points that will tell why a DJ is important for an Indian wedding ceremony:

Sound System in Rituals

Prior to the ceremony, DJs in India liaise with the priests. This is most as the priests may have specific requirements for sound and vice versa. The DJ provides the sound equipment and controls the music throughout the ceremony. Therefore, it is important to have a uniform vision to suit the needs of clients. The equipment they usually provide to the priests are headset; clip-on microphone and cordless microphone.

Adding Splendour to the Wedding

Wedding DJs in India add color and splendor to multi-day wedding ceremony. The three-day function which is a usual norm in India may extend up to 5 days depending upon the lavishness of the event and extravagance. Each day requires a lot of music because of entertaining rituals such as Sangeet ceremony, Mehendi nights, etc. With the hips and backs swaying at popular masala Bollywood songs, the guests should never stop having fun. DJ services are hired specifically to accentuate the fun of music and dance.

Playlists, Background Music and Announcements

The DJs recommend the combination of various instruments to be played in the background throughout the ceremony. This sets the right mood for the rituals and prevents awkward silences. Prior to the rituals, they discuss with family members and the priest whether they need to play any Hindi, Sanskrit or Gujarati songs in between or in the background of any ritual. They also work with the family members to arrange any photographs and make announcements before any ritual. The announcements are usually made to inform either side about the rituals.

Vidai and Reception Ceremonies

Throughout the reception, lunch or dinner, the Bollywood DJs keep the guests entertained for which they play mellifluous Bollywood/contemporary instrumental music. They are trained to seamlessly mix and blend all forms of music to keep the guests engaged while they are eating and talking. For the final segment of marriage known as Vidai, they play melancholic yet upbeat songs to ensure that the bride gets a good sending off.

It is a known fact that the music you will choose for your wedding ceremony will determine the success of the ceremony. It is great to splurge on the perfect venue and the delectable food, but the memorable thing for your guests will always be entertainment. This one decision can make or break your wedding day. Hence, make sure to hire a good DJ to set the mood of your guests right for the ceremony and to make your wedding day an unforgettable event.

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