Stand-Up Comedian’s Secret

comedianNine Things A Stand-Up Comedian Won’t Tell You

Stand-up comedy has experienced resurgence, due to numerous open mic nights that have emerged between 2007 and 2008. But, it continues to be a challenging arena for the artists. Following are the few points that no stand-up comedian would tell you but are an inevitable part of his or her life:

  1. Do Anything to Get Onstage

While they are beginning, they will distribute fliers for the clubs, work under senior artists, answer phones, and work the door. Also, their meager salaries and tough event schedules don’t allow them to go for any other job. Until they are established artists, they come across various kinds of people and try every genre of comedy to please them.

     2. Please Buy Something After the Show

Most of the comedians make real money through selling merchandise like T-shirts and CDs. Scanty salary according to sale of tickets, doesn’t allow them to book a gig of their own. Most of the money is spent in transportation to get to a private gig of someone.

     3.Comedy According to Supply and Demand

Stand-up comedians usually perform at clubs. Few club owners have time to shape the career of an artist while others don’t. Their primary focus is to develop their own business which is basically their bar. Hence, an artist who could draw more individuals to their clubs will be more preferable to them. Most of the clubs prefer to book an artist through an online artist booking agency these days to find the best talent, without burning a hole in their pockets.

      4. Club Owners Usually Dictate the Material

Some owners tell the artists to do family-oriented material, while others want you to perform grown-up comedy. Some tell the artists to develop a connection with the artists while others want them to stay disconnected. Hence, a stand-up comedy has to offer jokes according to the will of his or her owner.

       5. Beware of the Front Row

Sometimes the conversation of individuals sitting in the front row is really loud, while at some occasions audience is too quiet. Artists also listen to the comments about the content of their comedy often from the front row while they are performing.

       6. Joke Stealing Happens Rarely

Although stand-up comedians don’t steal jokes but when your act is done by some other comedian, you can’t question it since stand-up comedians usually perform independently. With the small amount of money they get from club-owners, they never think of suing each other.

       7. Keep The Audience Constantly Laughing

The jokes of stand-up comedians come from personal experience and it is difficult to include punches in each and every line. Most of the times, the audience remains silent apart from the moments when a punch line is delivered.

        8.Unrealistic Expectations of The Audience

Audience, when it goes to shows of established stand-up comedians, expects the same from the beginners. Hence, each day is challenging for budding artists who have to update themselves regularly on the market trends in the field of comedy.

         9.Interaction With the Audience

Some audience wants the artist to pick individuals from the crowd while others want to stay disconnected. But, the golden rule is to stay interactive with the audience by talking to them. It establishes a connection between the artist and the audience. Therefore, the life of a stand-up comedian is full of challenges yet quirky.

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