Talent or Acquired skill: Are Artists Born or Made?

MusicBeethoven found his first music lesson disgusting. Karl Wagner’s piano teacher once told him that he may become anything but not a musician. These two pianists can be considered musical geniuses but the question is ‘were they born with this kind of musical genius or was it acquired’? While the early development of a child can be modified by activities in outside world, they gradually unfold according to genetic blueprint. But, beyond primitive ability even average music and singing ability require some amount of training and encouragement.

Biological and Genetic Factors

The size of the brain and the cavity in the vocal cord and head are dependent on genetics and the individual body of a person, hence a person’s range and tone is set. However, these things cannot make a person good at singing and music. It is required that a person uses his or her voice in a proper way. When a person mimics other’s voice as a child, they may unknowingly develop unhealthy habits. Those who sound great can also sound worse if poor techniques are used. Therefore, even professionals who are experienced singers and musicians for several years, still go for training to make sure that they are cultivating correct vocal habits.

           Role of Practice in Acquiring the Skill

Talent has no significance in the absence of hours of practice as a person learns to sing. It is a known fact that great musicians practice the most and they become more refined as they practice more. Mimicry artists and impressionists spend several hours every day in perfecting their art of understanding the nuances of an individual’s mannerism and peculiar habits. We can also say that almost everyone can sing reasonably good, with the help of a teacher. All we need to do is to train our ears to help us in understanding the music which are taught and adjust them to the correct technique. An instructor can modify our voice into doing the right thing until we are able to notice the change ourselves.

We also need time to appreciate the voice we have. The constant training for muscle memory is significant. Some people learn at a fast pace while others aim to aim to learn more. But, make sure to be prepared to invest your energy and time and also money, since a good vocal coach makes living through teaching students like you and by performing. The healthy techniques of learning are not a secret, but you need the trained ears of a teacher because that is what you are paying for. Some people sing well at a young age but tend to lose their good voice in their early 30s. The diseases such as asthma, cancer of vocal cord also makes the voice airy. But, a skilled teacher can always bring also your real voice back.

          Possession of Innate Talent

However, none of these rules out the importance of innate talent. The possession of inherent ability also shortens your learning curve and hence makes learning a speedy process. In total, it is difficult to obtain expertise in music or singing just on the basis of innate abilities.

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