The Costliest Mistakes College Fests Make

college festsFests are the heart and soul of every college ever. People bond over great food, music and form bonds of friendship and happy memories that last a lifetime. How many people have met their best friends at the fest, discovering a similar taste in music? How many people have met their soul mates, seeing their special one for the first time, in the flash of lights and dance? Great things happen at fests, provided that the fests are great. College fests are also great places for new bands to gain a first platform and exposure. Up and coming artistes, comedians, DJs, and bands can get the right platform at a college fest well covered by the press. However, mistakes at college fests can cost a pretty penny. Most college fests are supported by sponsors and therefore it is essential to stay within budget and spend the available money wisely and with care. Here are some of the costliest mistakes people make at college fests (and repent later but hey you have this list to help you prevent these mistakes from happening at your college fest so yay!)

1. Overspending on decoration
Sure, the decor is very, very, very important. You need a certain mood and ambiance in your fest, one that speaks of energy and vibrancy and matches the energy of the crowd. But, you need to make sure that you do not overspend on the decoration as that will leave you with way less money for other essentials like a band or a DJ, and for food. If possible, assemble a large volunteer decorations team, and purchase the decor items wholesale. You can buy led streamers, flashing disco balls of various sizes, hundreds of balloons to be strewn around the stage and if you are still within budget, you can hire a fog machine to create that ethereal effect.

2. Music
This is the most important and mood-defining aspect of any college fest. Without the right kind of groovy, energetic music, fests just fall flat. So make sure you hire the right artistes. Have a wide selection of artistes who can perform music of various genres like Rock, pop, metal, and Jazz. New Delhi based Sivana is a great choice ( as is Jeremiah 29:11 for some great Reggae and country-western ( Mumbai-based DJ Tarun is going to be a rocking hit with the dancing multitudes, so you should definitely check him out ( You can also contact New-Delhi based DJ SAW, who performs a range of progressive house and electronic dance music ( End the fest with some soulful music. You can contact Delhi/NCR based Soulful Jammerz for unplugged Indian Romantic and Sufi music (

3. Food
Food is another very important aspect of a fest. Without the right kind of finger-licking delicious tidbits, how is the crowd to keep grooving all night long? Make sure you hire lots of different caterers and food outlets to open stalls at the fest. Preferably opt for dry food items that will not cause a mess. You can invite home bakeries and caterers to set up stalls for affordable and wholesome food that will keep the fest rocking. Plus, the entrepreneurs will get a platform from which to begin out and when they make it big in the field of food, you will know you helped them get there.

4. Lack of Marketing
Marketing is a very important part of every event. Without proper advertising and coverage, the fest may as well be held for a small number of people. It is very important to get the attention of people and make sure the fest is properly covered by photographers. If you are having a fashion show in the fest, contact Powell photography for an excellent documentation ( For the fest as a whole, you can contact Sanjay from Sanj Photography, who is a Delhi based photographer and videographer ( You can also go for Mumbai based Sumeet Ramane for a one of a kind photo and video documentation (
Also, hire artists to make posters-both physical and e-posters. Use social media to the fullest. Make sure that the event is widely circulated so you can have greater and greater crowds. Flyers, Posters, e-posters, photo, and video documentation are all very important marketing tools.

Keeping these four important points in mind, you should be able to manage your budgets for the fest very well. The key is in maintaining balance. Remember that you have a limited budget and you have to make the best of the money available. Divide the money properly so it is not overspent somewhere and you do not have money enough for the other aspects of the fest. Start the organizing months beforehand so you can compare prices and thus choose the best from your options. Have yourself a great college fest now!

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