The Dilemma Regarding Entertainment at Your Wedding! – DJ or a Live Band?

weddingWeddings are an important affair. Once you have decided to have a proper wedding party, particularly in this case the wedding reception there are several matters to consider from the venue, to the number of guests, general style, cuisine and last but not the least the entertainment. It is common practice that wedding receptions have a DJ or a live band to entertain the guests who have joined you on your special day. The food and music are the central pillars to the success of the wedding reception party and a wrong decision at your part can make or break the best day of your life. Yes, it is a lot of pressure and hence you must start early. Now, the choice of the DJ or Live Band can be influenced by several factors which include the wish of the bride and the groom, the budget for the entertainment, the venue and dates of the wedding as well as the time at which it is supposed to take place and the general guest scenario at the wedding reception.

To begin with the time, date and venue of the wedding are crucial because the time of day has to match the mood of the music being played. The dates are equally important as most famous bands and DJs have month of waiting list and need to be booked well in advance. The venue may be the factor that determines if the band can make it there or not. If you are having a Europe wedding, of course, having an American band is hardly possible unless you are flying them there at your expense, you get the drill.

Another important factor to consider is the guests attending the wedding and the mood of the reception party. If the guests are a young and fun bunch of people who up for a good DJ night, then that is of course great. However, it is usually considered classy to have a live band play for the wedding reception as that experience is entirely different. This, of course, takes me right to my next point, with class comes cash! Bands are generally more expensive than a DJ. Bands charge per hour of performance or per musician on the band and can be a costly affair. DJ is relatively cheaper and more affordable. Even though this has been mentioned as the last factor influencing your choice of entertainment it is certainly something you have to consider first because wedding planning is an expensive affair. Newlywed couples are the best to give advice on such matters as they have first-hand experience and if you know someone like this, go talk to them right away! They might even tell you something which this article fails to point out.

Now that you know the basics here are our top suggestions for Music Bands and DJs for your wedding:
1. Smruti Jalpur & Band (In Mumbai)
2. Sivana- Live Band (In Delhi)
3. Samay The Band (In Delhi)
4. Music Unltd (In Mumbai)
5. Dubtronic – DJ (In Pune)
6. Spinnin Vibezz – DJ (In Hyderabad)
7. Amann Nagpal – DJ (In Mumbai)
8. Ravana – DJ ( In Delhi)

To move forward, after having decided whether you are going for a live band or DJ, you actually need to pick the said band/ DJ. This is another complicated ordeal. With a DJ, you can decide the general playlist of songs which are favorites for the married couple as well as the guests. The DJ can be asked either to accept guest requests or not depending on your choice. Both the DJ and the band need to be reminded to play a variety of numbers including slow romantic tunes as well as fun tunes to which everyone, old and young can dance to. You should absolutely make a list of songs to ‘not play’ like ones with offensive lyrics or those which might offend particular guests.

With a live band, if possible you need to hear them play live beforehand to get an idea of their style before hiring them. This is absolutely essential. If not at a wedding, then perhaps you can get a video recording of them from previous weddings where they have played or hear them play at another event where you would be welcome to see. If you choose a live band performing the number of band members playing, instruments used, set up times, breaks all these need to be discussed prior to the event and finalized well in advance. They should also be able to correctly pronounce the name of the important family members and anyone who they would be calling upon the stage to make a toast. In the case of a DJ, he might also need breaks or set up time and proper power supply for all the wedding-related entertainment should be taken care of so as to avoid any glitches at the last moment.

All in all, the idea is to have fun and make it the most memorable evening for you and your loved ones. The key is to double-check on all minor details and to improvise if anything goes wrong. In the end, as long as you have a supporting spouse and happy family members who are served some good food, good music will be the cherry on the cake and will take your night to a beautiful mood.

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