Tips for Hiring the Right Entertainment for Your Next Small Business Event Planning

entertainmentOne of the first questions you need to ask yourself in event planning is the purpose of the event. The purpose is the king. Without it, no one would be attending it in the first place. Networking parties, celebratory success parties, parties to welcome new employees and parties where a certain agenda needs to be discussed are very different from each other. If a meeting or speeches are to be held anytime during the party then they have to be cleared out right away in the beginning before getting to the fun part of the night especially when drinks are being served. One of the major questions that event planners come across is what kind of entertainment would be right for a particular business event. You could consider the following five possible entertainment options and for each of them we have pointed out tips and tricks to make sure you select the right one and your event goes smoothly.

1. Anchor/ Emcee
For any kind of event, the Anchor or the Emcee is the most crucial person in the house. The crowd goes confused if he does not lead them right. From when to eat the food to what to do next, the Emcee directs your crowd in the direction you want them to. While getting your anchor to ensure that they can communicate in at least two to three different languages. Check for their prior experiences at events and cross-check references. The added benefit comes if the Anchor can also provide additional services like humor or public speaking etc.
Here is a list of our recommended Anchor/Emcee options for your next event:
1. Akanksha Negi (Delhi)
2. Vinod Navale (Pune)
3. Meeit (Varodra)

2. Live Music Band
For an evening or night party, it is always nice to relax the audience with some tunes after a heavy load of agenda talk. While hiring a music band the key is to identify what kind of music you need them to play for your event and check their experience on handling such events. Confirm their dates, advance booking options, and equipment/set up specifications. Also, ask to hear videos of their previous gigs before finalizing the deal.
Here is a list of our recommended Live Music Band options for your next event:
1. Smruti Jalpur & Band (In Mumbai)
2. Sivana- Live Band (In Delhi)
3. Samay The Band (In Delhi)
4. Music Unltd (In Mumbai)

3. DJ In the House
This kind of entertainment is more preferred for a celebratory party where the idea is to just have fun and invest in your employees. For hiring a DJ, you can customize and discuss on the playlist and ensure that he plays a variety as your employee and guests might come from various backgrounds.
Here is a list of our recommended DJ options for your next event:
1. Pankaj Chauhan – Delhi
2. Tuhin Mehta – Chennai
3. Zak Zaheen – Hyderabad
4. DJ Yog – Mumbai
5. DJ Mohit – Hyderabad

4. Magic Show
If your event is one where you plan to invite families and children then you might want to consider this performance sort of entertainment as it is a delight for both young and old. Now with the magician, comes, his team and his dozens of props and tricks. Obviously, he may not reveal his tricks to you but ensure that he gets all the support he needs in terms of audience participation. You can ask to see his or her videos prior and also make sure that all the tricks are age-appropriate and safe for the audience.
Here is a list of our recommended magician options for your next event:
1. Rahul Kharbanda (Delhi)
2. Magician Idris (Bangalore)

5. Comedian
This is one classic entertainment industry and it will leave everyone in a good mood. The tone of the jokes should be set based on the audience and while hiring the comedian you may ask if he has previously worked for similar events like yours. Discuss how long the comedy piece will last and his fees prior to confirmation.
Here is a list of our recommended comedian options for your next event:
1. Dr. Sanket Bhosale (Mumbai)
2. Atul Khatri (Mumbai)
3. Abhishekh Kumar (Chennai)
For all these entertainment options the following will stay constant, depending on the purpose of your event you have to select the entertainment. The timing of the entertainment piece is also crucial and so is the amount of audience or guests. For a large crowd, some situations might not be possible without larger arrangements. So keep that in mind and have a successful event filled with entertainment!
Why not take your small event a notch higher and make it memorable for all present!?

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