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Honeymoon destinationsHaving survived the endless stress that comes with planning a wedding, the bride and groom finally tie the knot. After surviving all the madness of the wedding functions – from selecting the wedding venue to handling that typical Indian relative who always ends up getting high at all shaadis, the last thing a couple would want will be the stress of selecting the honeymoon destination. Worry not, we got your back. Here is the best possible top 10 honeymoon destinations for a couple to visit after their wedding :




  • Mauritius

MauritiusOften termed as the number wedding honeymoon destination. Mauritius is often termed as heaven on earth. Its beautiful beaches extending into endless blue ocean justifies people labeling Mauritius as the heaven on earth. Luxury hotels, white sandy beaches with the pleasant weather promises to be just what a couple needs to get over the fatigue and stress of their wedding days.





  • Bali

BaliOne of the best ways to begin the wedding life will be to begin it a luxury island resort in Bali. The calm and serene beaches with jaw-dropping views are exactly perfect to get over the stress of wedding functions. Calm and quiet atmosphere makes Bali one of the cheapest honeymoon destinations of Asia.






  • Dubai

DubaiDubai is the preferred honeymoon destination for most of the people who are fond of tonnes of entertainment options of that country like skyscrapers. A desert safari is also one of the things which draw couples to Dubai. One cannot forget the city bling of Dubai which can easily help the couple to get rid of fatigue and stress they have been since the day of planning of their wedding functions.





  • Prague

PragueKnown for its vibe of old-world charm, Prague is known worldwide for its baroque style buildings, churches of gothic-theme. It has the ability to take the couple back in time and make their trip a unique experience. One cannot forget its cheap shopping venues, especially when women just love shopping. The best time to visit Prague is spring.






  • Vietnam

HoneymoonIt is easily the most perfect destination for a newlywed couple to visit after their wedding. This place has it all. Low budget option surrounded by beautiful and calm beaches, Vietnam promise to be the perfect exotic experience backed by the blend of history, culture, and art of the country.






  • Maldives

MaldivesThe first thought that comes to the mind when talking about the beautiful place the Maldives are the huts suspended over the deep blue water of the Indian Ocean. The Maldives promises to guarantee luxurious services at a very cheap price. One cannot forget the weather of Maldives, the perfect weather a couple need to get over the stress of their wedding days. A luxury beach, water villas, water sport activities make it one of the most favorite honeymoon destinations for couples. Couples can also enjoy live singing performances on the famous beaches of Maldives.





  • Greece

HoneymoonThe couples are welcomed by this blue and white destination with utter enthusiasm. Clearwater, sandy beaches with romantic resorts make Greece the perfect destination to visit after the wedding. One should always keep Greece as an option for a honeymoon because Greece has what it takes to make the first trip of a couple memorable throughout their entire life. Taking a yacht cruise on the Mediterranean to get swayed away by the beautiful sunsets is highly advisable.





  • Malaysia

MalaysiaBreathe taking islands backed by world-class modern facilities and captivating collection of flora and fauna backed by rich culture and history makes Malaysia one of the most favorite and best honeymoon destinations. Not forgetting how cheap the place is, it promises to gift the newlyweds with a delightful experience.





  • Switzerland

HoneymoonConsisting of jaw-dropping hills, attractive lakes, and the world-famous snowy Alps, Switzerland is the perfect place to spend quality time with one’s partner. For the sporty couples looking for adventure, Switzerland will not disappoint them as it is world known for hiking and skiing.






  • Las Vegas

Las VegasKnown all over the world for its nightlife, Las Vegas should definitely be on the list of the couples planning to visit a beautiful place after their wedding. As Vegas promises to give the couple a soul-stirring experience. Keeping aside clubbing and exclusive shopping, the couple can enjoy some fine dining as well.





These are the best places to visit where any Indian couple can enjoy their honeymoon.

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