Unique pre-wedding shoot ideas for every couple

photoshootSince the rise of social media platforms like Instagram, Tumblr, and Snapchat, important events in your life are not just to be all hush are they? This is the age of sharing the happy times in your life, and what’s happier than your wedding! But before the actual event, it is interesting to have a fun, quirky pre-wedding photoshoot to fill up that gallery with amazing photos of a time you cherish the most, and also provide creative inspiration to a whole lot of people who can see your dashing photos online. Just to help you get started, here are some pre-wedding photoshoot ideas that are completely out of the box, and thus so completely you!

1. The Happy Home
All couples fantasize about the dreamy life they are going to lead together in the future. If you have an idea about what your home is going to look like, and what fun things you are going to do every day, then there is nothing better than planning a comfortable shoot in your dream home! Dress up in your cutest, comfiest PJs, and have fun taking shots around your home; baking a cake with your to-be-spouse, lying on the rug and reading a book, wrapped up in a cozy blanket and watching Breakfast At Tiffany’s—just think of your favourite, most homely things and have that shoot amigo!

2. The Hipster Couple
If you are more on the artsy side and want to express it in this shoot, then let the inner hipster in you go wild. Choose a little corner cafe with old furniture, large potted plants in the corners, vintage prints on the walls and books, books, and more books on the shelves. Dress in your comfy, faded denims and worn-out t-shirts and your converse, pull out that old tote bag out from your closet and fill it up with your old familiar friends like diaries, ink pens, and your good old’ Haruki Murakami. Have a cozy photoshoot at this location. If you cannot find a cafe that matches your hipster dream, then recreate the setting at home, or in a studio. For the styling and makeup, it is best to consult a professional who can give you that been-on-the-street-scene-look. Go for messy-chic hairstyles and a natural glow on the face. You can experiment with lip tints and eye shadows. Aditi Joshi, who is a professional makeup artist based in New Delhi, is an artist who strives to bring out your true personality and would be a great choice for this quirky theme. Find Aditi on this website; https://starclinch.com/aditi-joshi.

3. Role-Playing photoshoot
If you and your partner are majorly into television shows, movie series or video games, this shoot is ideal for you. Pick your favorite characters from popular series like Harry Potter, LOTR, Alice in Wonderland, and Game of Thrones, or go for more off-beat choices like characters from Roald Dahl, Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett or Douglas Adams. You can also choose characters from Studio Ghibli movies, like Spirited Away, Kiki’s Delivery Service and Princess Mononoke. If you are into gaming, you can choose characters from the hundreds on World Of Warcraft, like the Blood Elves or Draenei, or Dark Souls, or Overwatch. There are hundreds of great games out there. You can order the costumes online and get them fitted, or you can get them tailored just for you. The makeup for a role play pre-wedding photoshoot can be extremely tricky, so it is best to get the help of a professional like the previously mentioned Aditi Joshi. You can also consult mehendi artist Amreen to help you with temporary, safe tattoos if you are choosing Indian characters from Orijit Sen’s comics or from Indian Epics like the Mahabharata or Ramayana. You can find Amreen on this website; https://starclinch.com/amreens-mehandi-art.

4. The Overload
This is an over-the-top idea that you can pull off with panache and great success. Choose your favorite thing in the world that you share with your partner—books, music, flowers, chocolate, coffee, whatever it is! Book a studio, and hire artisans to make gigantic replicas of your favorite things. You can use cardboard and Styrofoam for this, so they are easy to move around the place. Use fairy lights and lace drapes to give the place an ethereal charm, and have a wonderful photoshoot amongst these giant replicas of your favorite things that you share with your to-be spouse. Once again, hiring the services of a professional makeup artist is recommended.

These are four pre-wedding photoshoot ideas that will make sure you and your beloved can have great memories, as well as a glamorous online gallery that is true to yourselves! You can think of a number of other ideas, or go the classic way if you feel that it reflects you better. The main idea is to have a lot of fun together to have a shubh-aarambh to a happy life of togetherness

Hope you liked this blog!

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