wedding bandMusic is one of the important components of a ‘typical big fat Indian wedding’. With the lack of good quality music, any wedding function can turn into a boring and bland event even if the other arrangements are of high quality. We can easily say that music holds the power of turning a boring wedding function into a great wedding function because let’s be honest a packed dance floor is a key part to a memorable wedding function and hence it is very important to select the right wedding band / DJ for the wedding function.



There will be enormous things a person should know or ask their potential band/DJ

before giving them the big responsibility of playing music at the wedding reception.

So here are a few basic and general questions which a person should ask before

appointing a band for the wedding reception -:


1) Are you available on the day of the wedding function?

This is the basic yet the most important thing to ask the potential band. First things first, the DJ/band should first confirm their availability for the day of the wedding. If they are doubtful in confirming their availability


2) How many weddings do you typically do annually?

Experience speaks for itself. First, a person needs to know if the potential band/DJ has enough experience before giving them the big responsibility of playing music for the wedding function. Ask them if they have performed for a wedding function before or not. Try to select those people who have performed for a similar type of wedding function as they will have a clear idea of the expectations from them.


3) How many weddings do you do on an average on a weekend?

The reason this question needs to be answered is that if they are performing too many events it may lead to their performance is below average and if they have very fewer bookings, then their selection should be considered.


4) How would you describe your own music style?

This is one of the most important questions which needs to be answered by the potential band/DJ. One always needs to figure out if the style of the band/DJ will work with the vibe of the function or not. Mismatch of music may lead to spoiling the wedding function.


5) Have you ever performed at this venue before?

Experience of performing on the same venue is always a plus but even if they have not performed at the same event, it should not be a deal-breaker and rather a walk through with them should be scheduled as they should have a clear idea of the whole venue at which they will be given the big responsibility of performing.


6) At the function will the DJ/band perform personally?

The reason this question should be answered by the potential DJ/Band is because sometimes these bands have a roster of performers and hence on the basis of availability, they might alternate the performer for the wedding function. So this the question should be clearly answered by the potential DJ/band as the performer holds great importance in any wedding function.


7) Do you have liability insurance?

One has to make sure that the venue, guests and everything else are protected in case of any mishappening or an accident. A true professional performer will be willing to show their insurance certificate without eve asking for it. It covers any kind of damage that can cause harm to the performers or their equipment.


8) Can you supply your master playlist in advance?

Usually, every good band and performer keep diverse template playlists. Ask them to review a few of their playlists in regard to the wedding function and inform them about your favorite selections as it will help them to make a crowd-pleasing playlist.


9) Can we listen to you perform live?

A live performance by the potential band/DJ will give you a clear idea and picture as to how the performance will be on the wedding function. One can go through all the playlists and even through their old performances but nothing can give a more clear idea of the band/DJ than witnessing a live performance by them in a typical same King of the wedding function.


10) What is the overtime charges?

One should always ask the potential wedding performer about their overtime charges because in case there comes a need to extend their services and performance for some extra time, there will be no problem as the overtime charges have already been discussed and it wouldn’t lead to any kind of arguments or conflicts.


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